About Us

Hello everyone!

My name is Sena and I have started up this online store to spread the love of playing cards around the world, and providing an enjoyable service for the cardists, magicians and card collectors in the community.
The shop is based in the United Kingdom, however we offer good shipping for Europe and Worldwide areas.

The name

'Dekita' is a Japanese phrase that means 'accomplished or completed'. The name is a portmanteau of ‘dekita’ and ‘deck’, this means it combines the love of cards creating the name 'Deckita'.
I am half Japanese which made me want to incorporate Japanese culture into this store and brand!

What made me want to open a shop?

I have been doing cardistry for over 4 years now and I had grown a passion for the brand 'Fontaine Cards' and as this brand has grown I had become obsessed with collecting rare playing cards!
I started off by always look for the great deals on eBay and online. I managed to complete the full collection of Fontaines to this day, however along the way I seemed to have gathered many other rare decks, meaning my collection now has hundreds of decks of cards!

I have been selling a few decks on Ebay and with friends on instagram for a few years, and after seeing many other online stores emerging, I decided it is time to invest some time into opening my very own online shop.

I have no regrets so far and it has already been a exciting project!

The Deckita package design

I wanted to create the best experience for customers when it comes to shipping!
So I have developed a minimal package design where you get:

- custom selection of vinyl stickers

- a free DS1 deck sleeve

- exciting mail day

You can check out a video of the package unboxing here

I want to...

- bring the best playing cards for cardists, collectors and magicians

- build friends and the community

- give a premium service

- grow!

Find us on Instagram @deckitadecks here

Deckita Decks Founded in 2020