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こんにちは (Hello).
I hope you are well.

We have safely travelled across the globe and settled in Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 The first few weeks here have been amazing and the food is amazing as well 🍣 

On Sunday 10th of July we attended the Fontaine popup event in Harajuku, Japan. It was a great surprise to be welcomed by. You can watch the mini popup video we made on our Instagram here.

So, we managed to get our hands on some previous Fontaine decks plus some new rare editions...

The Decks

DROP 9 will be the first release from our new location and will feature the following decks in limited quantities:

  • Army of Darkness Fontaine
  • Good Company V1 Fontaine
  • Chinatown Market Fontaine
  • Good Company V2 Fontaine
  • Denim Fontaine
  • Matt McCormick Fontaine
  • Pink Panther Fontaine
  • Rainbow Holographic Fontaine
  • Black Holographic Fontaine
  • Spiral Holographic Fontaine
  • Dabsmyla Fontaine
  • Black Holographic pre-release (1 of 500)
  • Red Grid Fontaine (1 of 500)

Release date

Friday 22 July 2022 - 10PM JST / 2PM BST / 9AM ET



New packaging

New design is better than ever...

  • All decks come with a complementary 'Carat Case' Deck Sleeve.
  • Decks are now hand gift-wrapped.
  • Fully eco-friendly materials used.
  • Parcel boxes are now bigger & stronger.
  • 3 vinyl stickers

Full info on packaging can be found here.


New shipping rates

Full information can be found on our shipping policy here.

Japanese Event Tickets

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