A little bit about Deckita Decks

A little bit about myself: my name is Sena, and I have practiced Cardistry for over 5 years now, and also began to collect playing cards. During the first lockdown I started up this online store to provide a premium service for cardists and collectors, as I found myself acquiring a taste for rare playing cards in a slowly growing collection.
I am based in Norwich, United Kingdom, however we offer fairly good shipping prices for Europe and Worldwide areas. The packaging I use means I can ship decks safely yet at the cheapest rates, only £2.50 for first class shipping in the uk.

The name

'Dekita' is a Japanese phrase that means 'accomplished or completed'. The name is a portmanteau of ‘dekita’ and ‘deck’, this means it combines the love of collecting cards with my half-Japanese nature to incorporate culture into this shop and brand, therefore creating the name 'Deckita'.

What made me want to open a shop?

My experience with Cardistry and Magic had lead me to grow a passion for the well-known brand 'Fontaine Cards', and this lead me to begin collecting some pretty rare playing cards.
I began by thoroughly hunting for the great deals on eBay, online and also from my great friends I had made in the community. It was a slow grind but I managed to complete the full collection of Fontaines to this day, and now I cannot stop haha. However, along the way I seemed to have gathered many other rare decks for all over the internet, until I had well over 100 decks of cards sitting on my shelf and in my draws. Then I had a realisation that...this is too many decks, even my dad told me I need to start selling some of these.

So I began selling a few decks on Ebay and with friends on instagram for a few years, and after seeing many other online stores emerging, I decided it is time to invest some time into opening my very own online shop. I study Graphics Design and Fine Art so my creative skills were given the perfect spotlight to be put to good use! I have no regrets so far, it has been a great project and achievement.

The Deckita package design

I wanted to create a memorable, professional and unique experience for customers when it comes to shipping! Mail should feel like an exciting experience.
So I have developed a minimal package design where you get a custom, hand-painted cardboard box, colourful packaging, a personal note, and also a lovely custom vinyl sticker.


- bring only the best playing cards from the best brands for cardists and collectors, from expensive rare decks to more affordable selections.

- build a strong friendship and community within Deckita Decks

- give a premium service, where "you feel like you get the better end of the deal"

- Leave my mark on the community and industry.


Thanks for reading

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Deckita Decks Founded in 2020

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